Ticket insurance

Enjoy life without limits!

We all want to enjoy life without worries, freely planning our daily life. Also, enjoy out-of-home events chosen from your heart. Therefore, often when planning an event, you will never know what can stand in the way of the intended plans. Therefore, Ticket insurance in tandem with the purchased ticket will give a sense of security, if you happen to encounter unexpected events, because of which you have to cancel the event, then at least the financial losses for the purchase of the ticket will be covered.
Balcia ticket insurance covers losses:
  • Due to the restrictions imposed by Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDPC)
  • An accident occurred in your home
  • If you or your relative suddenly fall ill or have an accident
  • Problems with a vehicle
  • Due to service rescheduling and postponement
  • Due to event cancellation
  • In case of death of a close relative
  • Compensation is paid up to five days

Six reasons


You need balcia ticket insurance
Wide coverage of risks
Few exceptions
Coverage is valid Worldwide
You can easily cancel the policy without penalty or additional costs
Short and clear rules
It's easy to buy by buying a ticket at the Ticket Seller