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For your dearest vehicle
  • Excellent MTPL offer of extra risk coverage
  • Available from 1 month
  • Fast claims handling
  • Outstanding support 24/7
Please enter one of the requested parameters! If You choose a registration certificate number, please note that You do not need to use a space between the letters and numbers. If, however, it is more convenient for You to use the vehicle owner's/owner's details, please enter the personal identification number or the registration number
You must enter Your disability certificate number here. The discount applies only when:
  • The disability certificate is issued to the owner of the vehicle, if the vehicle is leased, indicate the number of the certificate held;
  • The certificate is issued to a disabled person in Group I or II;
  • The certificate has been issued to a disabled person in Group III who has mobility difficulties, as certified by the relevant opinion of the VDEĀK;
  • The category of the insured vehicle is: light vehicle;
  • The certificate is issued to a minor whose parent or guardian is the owner of the vehicle.
The vehicle is used as a taxi, operational vehicle, short-term rental vehicle, training vehicle, for transporting sensitive goods, for public transport, courier service or as a residential vehicle.

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