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There are no limits!

Keep going and be one of five lucky winners that will win free tandem skydive experience!

We do believe that everyone should live their life colorful and as your heart wishes! And if your lifestyle is more active and full of adrenaline - we say yes to you and we will appreciate if you will check out our insurance that is made for extreme and active lifestyle people. And the best - we don't limit you, we are just next to you.

Here are some insights and most popular questions about our extreme junior insurance:


Do this insurance covers all extreme junior sports activities?
We do think yes and top popular are snowboarding, skydiving, diving, wakeboard, kitesurfing, longboarding, cycling, bmx and etc. we can make a big list but you can find full package of those in our conditions.


Is there a limit of my professional level and activities?
No there isn't, if you want to dive more that 25 meters or jump out of plane in 5 km height - you can do it.


Can I have extreme junior insurance only at season time?
Yes, you can cover yourself monthly, like subscription. Get when you need and save money when you're active season isn't.


Am I covered anywhere in the world?
Yes, and we made three brilliant coverages for you and you can choose which ones fits the best for you.

here are




this insurance is made for you:

Insurance coverage is valid 24/7 worldwide
The insurance coverage is valid during sports clubs, active leisure, amateur sports, e.g. playing football or basketball, riding a bicycle or scooter, riding a motorcycle, kayaking, downhill skiing, running, sports in a sports club, and so on.
Insurance coverage is valid in case of tick-borne encephalitis, tick-borne myelitis, tick-borne encephalomyelitis, Lyme disease diagnosis
We reimburse the costs of psychological assistance and medical assistance
The insurance coverage is valid in case of acute food poisoning, chemical (toxic) substances, poisonous plants or fungi
The insurance coverage is valid in case of injuries to ligaments, muscles, tendons, meniscus, soft tissues
we made excellent insurance

That fits
your active

and the best:

Give away

from us

be one of five lucky winners that will win free tandem skydive experience!

At the end of the campaign we will randomly pick five lucky extreme junior insurance owners who will have an extremely amazing experience to join and feel tandem skydive.
The lucky winner we will announce on 2nd of August.